Login API Service

This API is used to login and create a session on Asite


Usage Rules


Use the following cURL command to Login to API application

curl --data "emailId=ID@asite.com&password=<pwd001>" --cacert "<certificate filepath>\AsiteAPI.cer" https://dms.asite.com/apilogin/


E.g. curl --data "emailId=jharkhani@asite.com&password=password01" --cacert "C:\curl-7.19.5-win32-ssl-sspi\curl-7.19.5\AsiteAPI.cer" https://dms.asite.com/apilogin/


Input Parameters


Parameter Name



Email ID used for logging on to Asite Platform


Password for login


Asite certificate file path


URI to login



 Replace the text in blue including”<>” with required data as follows:

 Extract the session id from the xml of the login API Call <Sessionid> tag from the resultant xml (login.xml in the sample specified in snapshot)


 Click here for detailed help on Asite API Services.


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