What's new about Asite?

Asite R 15.6 - Release Notes


Dear User,


We are pleased to inform you that the latest version of the Asite Platform is now available for public use. There are many new features available for you to use, details of which you can find below.


Kind regards                                      

The Asite Product Team


1      New Functionality

The Asite R15.6 - Release includes the following new functionality:


1.1 Document Manager


  Support for Searching based on Configurable Attributes

Users can now search for documents using configurable attributes. This feature is also available in Document Views.


Users will be provided a suggestive text list for Configurable attributes which have defined as dropdown list.


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes



1.2 Reporting


  Populate the Configurable Attributes in the eWebReport Document side Data Objects

Custom attributes have now been made available in Document-related Web Reports:


  • Workspace Documents - Document Listing

  • Workspace Document Distribution - Distribution Report

  • Workspace Comments - Comment Listing


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes



1.3 AppBuilder


  Show Reply and Reply ALL icons within form view page

The user can now select   icon to Reply to the originator of the form or   icon to Reply to all the recipients of the form including the originator from view form page.   


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Download Docs - Button to download zip of all Associated Documents of the form

User can Download a zip file containing all the associated documents of the form via a button click within AppBuilder forms


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Ability to automatically copy Document Association, Form Associations and External Attachments of current Form Message to new

When a new form is created via a button click within AppBuilder forms, users can now copy Document, form associations and external documents automatically to the new created form. Appropriate form design is required to enable this function.


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Ability to populate Custom fields in Form Field

Users can design AppBuilder forms to populate required custom fields while creating new forms


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Ability to support formatting in Rich Text Format fields within AppBuilder forms.


Users can now add rich text format fields in AppBuilder forms to support formatting.


This includes the ability to set Fonts, Fonts Family, Bold, Italics, Underline, Font Size, Text Highlight and Font Colors, Alignments, Bullets, Numbering. And Indentation functions


Selecting a Rich Text box will display a bar with icons as below


IMPORTANT: This feature will be available to users in the Asite Australia Data Center on 9th February and subsequently to users of the EU and US Data Centers on the 23rd of March.



1.4   Administrations - Email Notifications


  Notifications from Personal Emails

Users can now send email notifications from their personal email address for:


  • Document Actions

  • Form Actions

  • Unread Comments

  • Workspace Invitations


Users can disable email notifications from their personal email address from Workspace Settings.


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Ability to have separate subject line for each form type in Email Notifications


Administrators can specify email subject for a form type in a new text box within form settings labelled: From Actions Notification Email Subject


Administrators can also specify additional Subject text that needs to be appended or overwritten in the Instant and Invitation emails at workspace level (overrides fom level settings).


Please click here to refer the Detailed Functional Notes


  Support HTML content in Invitation message

Administrators can now opt to copy / paste HTML content in required format to be part of the Invitation Message box


The pre-designed HTML code can be pasted in the Message box by Administrator.


The Invitation Message limit is also now extended to 8000 characters.



1.5 Asite hub


  Support Module-Based Procurement

Buyers can now group catalogue line-items into a Module and procure the entire Module.


Part numbers and required quantity must be provided by buyers. Integrations enabled with this function will see module Search criteria populated with the relevant module details.


Module items can be added to the shopper’s basket and all the corresponding part numbers with corresponding quantities will automatically be added


  Support Contract-Specific Catalogues


The Catalogue Manager enables suppliers to upload contract-specific catalogues against a single integration setup. This facilitates suppliers maintaining separate unit rates based on individual contracts for a single buyer.



2   System Changes

Asite R 15.6 - Release Notes has the following changes to configuration requirements and plug-ins:

2.1 Change to PC Configuration Requirements (Footprint)


2.2 Change to Applets / Plug-ins










1.      Updating the applets DOES NOT require Administration rights on local machine.

2.      Clicking on “Always” option when prompted with a certificate will ensure that similar prompts do not happen for current as well as any other applet signed by Asite.  If this option has already been activated, these updates will automatically install.

3.      Navigator update also does not require administrator rights

4.      Asite cBIM installation / update requires administrator rights