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Login with Asite


Asite enables members of a workspace team based in different locations to Access, Review and Distribute information electronically – improving communication, reducing errors and response times.  This document provides useful guidelines and helpful hints for using Asite Workspace - Workflow Manager and Document Manager functionality.



1. Open Internet Explorer and go to http://www.asite.com  


2. Click on    button.

Users can choose to login via cloud or use single sign-on (SSO) option. By default, you will be directed to use cloud login. If your account demands or is configured to use SSO credentials, click on 'Use Single Sign-On' link. You can switch back to cloud login option by clicking on 'Use Cloud Sign-On' link from the single sign-on screen as well.

    1. Cloud Login
      If you are using cloud sign-on option, choose the relevant cloud - Asite Cloud / Asite US Gov. Cloud (Hosted in AWS GovCloud (US) / Asite UAE Cloud / Asite KSA Cloud - as applicable, then enter user details.

      1. Email Address - Enter your email address that was used to register with Asite.

      2. Password - Enter your Asite password.

        In case you don't remember the password for your Asite account, click on 'Forgot Password?' link and follow the instructions to reset password. If you're not registered with Asite, click on 'Don't have an Account?' to register as a 'Key Free' user.

    2. Single Sign-On
      If you are using SSO option, choose the relevant cloud - Asite Cloud / Asite US Gov. Cloud (Hosted in AWS GovCloud (US) / Asite UAE Cloud / Asite KSA Cloud - as applicable, then enter your registered email address for login.

3. Click on Log In


 In case the username or password entered is incorrect, just click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions to reset the password.



4. Accept the Asite Terms of Use


  When the team members Login to Asite platform for the first time they will need to accept the Asite Terms of Use.


  Read the Terms of Use and Click I Agree button to access the Asite applications.


5. Users have to associate themselves with their Organization to get access Asite platform.


6. Change Password:


  You will need to change your password on first time login to Asite Platform


  Click on Save Button


  My Home Tab will be displayed




  Click on the Application tab to go to the application page.


Login to Asite from a hyperlink

Users will have the ability to login to Asite via hyperlink without entering the user-name and password details. Also will be able to save the Asite Login link as a "shortcut" on their desktops


  This hyperlink will only be accessible by computers which have already been used to login to Asite.  If the hyperlink is accessed from a computer which it does not recognize the user will be asked to verify their full login details as mentioned in the image below





1. Click on My Account from Settings option on the My Home tab page





2.  Check the box for Enable Automatic Login to Asite via Links



3.  For generating a new Link via email, Click on Generate New Link


4.  An email will be triggered to the mailbox with the hyperlink.


5.  Clicking on the hyperlink will directly login to "My Home Page".


6.  Save the Asite Login Link shortcut on the desktop by clicking on "Save this Link"






7.  Once saved, click on Asite Login Link saved on your Desktop.




8.  It will directly login to "My Home Page".



Note: This function can be restricted to stop usage within certain organizations.  If your organisation does not wish its users to be able to create secure login hyperlinks (URL), please contact Asite support or your account manager.


Concurrent Login


Asite provides team members facility to avoid concurrent Login to Asite Platform.


Users will now be restricted to access only one valid session of the application. If a session of the application for the same user is opened on same or different machine, the current session will be terminated.


Reset/Change user account Password


The team members now facilitated to change the current password also after login to Asite.


1. Click on the Change Password link on the My Account page.





2.  Enter new password


3.  Click on Save button.


User Search Privacy Options

Asite provides Team members the ability to define their privacy levels whether they want their account  discoverable within searches on the Asite platform or not.


Follow the steps for setting up Privacy Search Option by selecting any of the option:


1. Click on My Account from Settings option  on the My Home tab page




2.  Select "Public- Allow me to be found by all users" for enabling the user account to be searched by all users while assigning a role.




3.  Select "By Email Only - Allow me to be found by people who know my email address" for enabling the user account to be search by email address while assigning a role.


4.  Select "Private - Don't show me in user searches" if you do not wish your user account to be searched by other Team Members.





Click on Sign Out link to logout of Asite Platform




Forgot Password


Asite supports the team members to get the new password in case user forget the same. When user visits the Asite Home page, and in case if password is forgotten, follow the steps to get the new password and login again:



1. Click on the Forgot password link.




2. Specify your email address and Enter the Verification text displayed on screen.



3. Click on Send New Password button.

New Password will be sent to your email address..



Login with new Password:


1. Login to Asite home page using temporary password e-mailed from Asite. A Password Change request page will be displayed.


2. Enter new password and click on Save button.



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